28 plays 28 runs. Challenge 10. Park run and ‘K pop off’

Today’s challenge: Write a juke box musical or be inspired by ‘K Pop’ Or combine the both?

I had no idea what K pop was but it’s this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzJvBgsFjvQ

I honestly didn’t know where to begin, but arrived at a ‘K Pop off’ where rival teams compete to be the best K pop. The story and dialogue are pretty bad but I was chuffed to use the google translate tool, which I only normally use for my kids French and Spanish. I’m not going to share my play as it falls into the ‘shite play’ prompt from the other day but here are a few of the lyrics of one of the songs I put in it in the beautiful Korean text . That was definitely my favourite part of this challenge. Look how delicate and artistic the Korean language is! Love it.

B: 우리는 도망 간다.우리는 도망 간다.우리는 마침내 자유 롭다.

ulineun domang ganda.ulineun domang ganda.ulineun machimnae jayu lobda.

 Park run day today and my 10th run in a row, which I was looking forward to as it’s an opportunity to catch up with friends. This  running on my own every day has been a bit lonely and it’s a great way to connect with friends who I don’t get to see in the week anymore due to all our different commitments/work etc.Actually started to feel the benefit today of increasing the amount of runs I do and felt strong, endurance levels improving today. I’m still not sure if you should do it every day. I must ask my go to advice and all round running guru Tina Chantrey aka #shewhodaresruns.  Will update next time. Chatted to a mate all the way round. Park runs really are a great invention. Although some people do chase their PB’s ( My husband has very smugly got 23 mins today and keeps looking at his result) it is more about being part of a community and running together. Half term now so things are going to get tricky with the running and the writing. Late nights anyone? Lets set up a #28playslaternocturnalgroup for this week?  Wonder what the next challenge is?

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