28 Plays 28 runs Challenge 11. ‘Multiplication is vexation’

I hate Maths. I failed my Maths GCSE four times! Numbers make me anxious. Did I say I hate Maths? Ironically, my Mum was a maths teacher and my eldest is a whizz at it, but whatever genetically makes us up, then the Maths gene skipped a visit to my brain.

My poor Mum would invest hours of energy trying to help me with really simple tasks, but it would always end up with me storming around and shouting  ‘I just cant do it, I just cant understand’.

So imagine my joy at challenge number 11. Write a play about numbers or Maths. I’ve spent of the day ( As I did when I was 15 revising for My GCSE) avoiding the task such is my hatred for maths

Give me words any day over Long division. I’ve often had to ask people when I’ve worked at the market how much change I owe them. Yup. It’s that bad. So a play about Maths…hmm. Distract yourself some more and put a post on facebook. And in response to the post  my wonderful friend Kay had the best idea ever. Don’t write about Maths, write exactly what you’ve said, your struggle with it. Thanks Kay. This one is dedicated to you. Just don’t tell your kids in school tomorrow.

So here is the play for the day ‘Multiplication is vexation’  click here : Multiplication is vexation

Running was short but fast today, 22 mins but a much faster pace. We’d already had a long walk this morning so I couldn’t manage anything longer. I didn’t actually run what the picture shows, that was the walk but it was a better one than anything I could have shared from the run, dodgy poo encrusted pavement or a very baggy eyed, sweaty faced me post run. And so on to half term week. Plays and runs will have to be squeezed in as and when I can. And to think, I really want to write a play about Ada Lovelace, computer and maths genius…..time for a re- think? Or maybe this scene should be in it?


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