28 plays 28 runs Challenge 8 ‘Scrumptious’

Today’s challenge. Sport. Something sporty. I’d already done the rubbish running one so went for what I know. Rugby. Its called ‘Scrumptious’ and features two competitive Mum’s on the sidelines of a Rugby match. The game gets a bit nasty.  Here is: Scrumptious the short play about Rugby…well it’s not really. For any Mum’s out there who’ve over heard the ‘which schools chat’, this will resonate.

Running was tough. No energy, a gruelling 20 mins up hill. Started to wonder if this running every day was a good idea.  The prize, a Haircut at the top. Needed to look posh for a casting the next day. Usually leave it 6 months to get it ‘Done’ but thought I’d best make the effort. The hair was bouncier than my run, but he hair isn’t bouncy today. Ooh and I’ve stolen an idea from my friend Richard and got the ‘Fit snap app’ do love a new app.

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