28 plays 28 runs. Day one. ‘Out in the field’

So I’ve  embarked on a crazy plan.

I like a challenge.  So rather than one, I’ve set myself two. Greedy? Stupid? Massive avoidance technique of sorting my life out? Probably yes to all of the above but still, it seems like an opportunity to learn and strengthen two different muscles.

I’m signed up to ‘28 plays later’ where you sign up with lots of other people and commit to writing a play every day. You get the prompt at 10pm every night and then have 36 hours to send the play in. Not content with one challenge and with no work (yet) till next month I have also decided to do a double challenge,and that’s to run too! It’s an experiment to see if I feel more inspired, confident, or come up with new ideas.

There’s probably some huge insecurity in me if I bothered to mine deep enough, about how I’ll never be good enough for anything or anyone, asking myself why I put myself through these personal quests, but I ‘d rather run and write it out for now and enjoy the act of ‘Doing’ rather than over thinking too much.  I think that’s the point. I can be very determined when I want to be ( maybe not enough to make enough money in the conventional sense whatever that is, or buy a house) but once I set my mind on something, that’s it; I’m engaged and committed and you don’t want to see me at midnight when I’m trying to finish something off.

There’s actually a third challenge in this that I hadn’t thought of and that is giving myself permission to do this. The demon part of me (even though I do bring in a small but useful income to our family life) is shouting ‘When are you going to get a proper job, when are you going to grow up, and when will you set yourself  the challenge of trying to  actually appear like someone who has finally ‘made something of themselves’ but again, what is the point of that?  That voice has been ringing in my ears for years now so I might as well just carry on.

So here is challenge no 1.  My Short play ‘Out in the field’ And underneath, my run. 4.38 miles in 43.31 mins.

Out in the field

See you tomorrow !

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